Romantic Walks Through the National Parks

Colorado is full of wonderful national parks that can be enjoyed on a date. Taking a walk through some of these parks can be the perfect way to end an evening, or just spend time with one another. You don’t need a lot of money to take advantage of this, and these walks can be taken with very little planning.

Garden of the Gods

If you’ve never been to the Garden of the Gods and you live in Colorado, you are missing out on a spectacular natural beauty. The park was aptly named. Large red rock formations that were naturally occurring are still in place. As you walk around the park find a table at the picnic area located under the Kissing Camels formation and enjoy a simple lunch with an unbelievable view. Walking through this park is free, but parking may cost a few dollars depending on when you go. For an extra romantic touch, take this walk at sunrise or sunset to watch the sky turn awesome shades of pink and purple against the mountainous backdrop.

11 Mile Reservoir

If you live in the Southern Colorado area, take a quick trip to the 11 Mile Reservoir park. The large lake is surrounded by natural evergreen trees. You can find swimming areas on warmer days, fishing areas for those who want to try their hand at catching the famous Rainbow trout, or just miles and miles of hiking trails that offer unmatched beauty. Since the park is designated a national park, there is a few dollar fee for admittance, this goes to help keep up the park. Once there it’s easy to spend hours just sitting and walking with nature.

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