Romantic Places To Take Your Date In Colorado

Being romantic in Colorado is easy thanks to the naturally beautiful environment. Whether you want to experience a beautiful mountain range, hot air balloons, or great food, you can find plenty of ideas.

Think Beaches

So Colorado is landlocked, but that doesnt’ mean you can’t find wonderful natural lakes and streams. And yes, many of these lakes will have some sandy areas, and will be the closest thing to a beach you can find. Check out some local hiking trails and look in to the National Parks Service for some suggestions.

Bed And Breakfast

Colorado is ripe with Bed and Breakfast establishments. These are tremendously popular, especially in the mountain areas and the older parts of Colorado. If you aren’t in a mountain mood, head down to Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs for some wonderful Victorian age homes that have been converted. While there, take a stroll through the shops and just enjoy the old time romantic feel.

National Parks

One of the most well known national parks in Colorado is the Garden of the Gods. But if you aren’t in that area, you can still find gorgeous backdrops that are perfect for picnics and romance. Florissant Fossil Beds National Park is popular, and the Great Sand Dunes can be a lot of fun with a little planning and creativity. For a more active date, check out the Pony Express or Old Spanish trails that run through different areas of Colorado. There are a total of 15 National Parks or National Historic sites throughout the state.

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