Marvelous Dating Tips

Dating in today’s world can be challenging. It’s not as simple as dinner and a movie anymore. Once you are able to land the first date, here are some great tips to ensure a second one.


Your conversation should be kept light and informative at the same time. You don’t want the date to feel like a job interview, but lulls in the conversation can be unnerving. Throw in the fact that you are both likely nervous, and keeping the conversation going can be the hardest part of the date. Avoid talking about your exes. If you are asked, laugh this off and say something that turns the conversation around. Don’t talk about religion or politics, no matter how passionate you are about it.

Downplay The Negatives

So there will likely be some aspect of your life you aren’t terribly happy with. Everyone deals with this. If you feel you need to lose 10 pounds, you’re in between jobs, or you’re having issues with family, these can all be distracting. Don’t kill the mood of the date by delving in to this. You don’t know this person well enough to get this personal, and they are there to date you, not counsel you.

Be Yourself

This sounds silly, but so many people try to be someone they aren’t on a date. The problem with this, eventually the person you are dating is going to discover who you really are. If you have an overly sarcastic sense of humor, or have very strong political views, these things can be toned down without forgetting who you are.

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