Is Dating In A Small Town Too Close For Comfort?

Dating in a small town can present challenges not found for those living in larger areas. You can be faced with limited places to go on dates, running in to exes, and dealing with town gossip. While it’s not always easy, you don’t have to move to Australia and meet Aussie Swingers to have a successful dating life in small towns.

Avoiding The Ex

It’s uncomfortable for all parties involved if you stumble upon an ex while on a date. You are uncomfortable, your date is uncomfortable, and believe it or not, your ex will be as well. Breakups that were nasty in nature can create more tension in this situation and just be ugly. Avoid going to any restaurants or bars that your ex enjoyed. If they liked a certain band, don’t go to the show if they come through or near town. If you still run in to them, don’t pretend you didn’t see them. Instead just smile in their direction and continue on your date. If things look as though they may get awkward, just tell you date what is going on and find another place to go.

Avoiding Gossip

If you live in a small town you know how fast news can travel. You won’t be able to avoid all the gossip, but there are steps you can take to minimize it. If your nosy neighbor spots you out and about with a new beau, don’t ignore them. Instead, confront them and introduce your date. This way if they decide to start gossip later, you can hedge it before it gets out of hand. Don’t try to hide or act shady.

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