Romantic Walks Through the National Parks

Colorado is full of wonderful national parks that can be enjoyed on a date. Taking a walk through some of these parks can be the perfect way to end an evening, or just spend time with one another. You don’t need a lot of money to take advantage of this, and these walks can be taken with very little planning.

Garden of the Gods

If you’ve never been to the Garden of the Gods and you live in Colorado, you are missing out on a spectacular natural beauty. The park was aptly named. Large red rock formations that were naturally occurring are still in place. As you walk around the park find a table at the picnic area located under the Kissing Camels formation and enjoy a simple lunch with an unbelievable view. Walking through this park is free, but parking may cost a few dollars depending on when you go. For an extra romantic touch, take this walk at sunrise or sunset to watch the sky turn awesome shades of pink and purple against the mountainous backdrop.

11 Mile Reservoir

If you live in the Southern Colorado area, take a quick trip to the 11 Mile Reservoir park. The large lake is surrounded by natural evergreen trees. You can find swimming areas on warmer days, fishing areas for those who want to try their hand at catching the famous Rainbow trout, or just miles and miles of hiking trails that offer unmatched beauty. Since the park is designated a national park, there is a few dollar fee for admittance, this goes to help keep up the park. Once there it’s easy to spend hours just sitting and walking with nature.

Big beautiful women in Colorado

Regardless of where you live, big beautiful women looking for dates can be found. In Colorado, however, this may be a little more difficult. As a general stereotype, people in Colorado tend to be health conscious, and the obesity rates are lower in Colorado than in other states. But still, bigger woman can be very attractive, and some men just prefer a little meat on their bones. If this describes you, here’s where you can start looking for your match.


One of the easiest places to find BBWs in Colorado is to hit the internet. You can find both local and national sites that have plenty of listings for BBWs. You can even find niche dating sites that are designed specifically for big beautiful women and the men who love them. If a dating site doesn’t suit you, consider instead posting a personal ad on a local bulletin board or online forum.

Adult Clubs

While adult clubs typically attract swingers, you may be surprised to find that many BBWs enjoy going as well. It gives them an opportunity to feel sexy in a world that otherwise doesn’t see that. Since you can be open and yourself at an adult club, it’s the perfect place to find women of all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that many of these clubs prefer couples and will limit the number of single men, but if you call ahead and go early enough gaining access to the events shouldn’t be difficult. As a single man you may have to pay an extra fee for admittance, but it typically isn’t much more than it would be for a couple.

Colorado dating scene

As Colorado continues to attract new industry, the population will continue to grow. Since new industry typically attracts younger college grads, the dating scene may be a little different than in other parts of the country. Still, people of all ages will be able to enjoy a dating experience in Colorado.
Active Folks
Those who are active and interested in the outdoors will love the dates that Colorado can offer. Whether you want to take a romantic hike through the foothills of the Rockies, or go white water rafting on the Colorado River, there are plenty of outdoor opportunities for the outdoor enthusiasts.
There are also plenty of nite clubs scattered throughout Colorado. Those close to Denver will enjoy a rich night life. Even towns like Colorado Springs and Pueblo have many night clubs to choose from. The college towns, such as Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Westridge all have an active night scene.
Another thing that is great about Colorado are the number of artists throughout the state. The natural beauty attracts many artistic types. You can plan a day at the Old Colorado Pottery, attend a painting class, or just tour some of the smaller art galleries for a great date.
Singles Clubs
For those who still want to meet someone, there are several singles clubs throughout the state. The college towns are full of activities geared towards singles. You can go online as well as find plenty of singles meet ups. Even finding a dating site with a large Colorado base can help you find someone.

Marvelous Dating Tips

Dating in today’s world can be challenging. It’s not as simple as dinner and a movie anymore. Once you are able to land the first date, here are some great tips to ensure a second one.


Your conversation should be kept light and informative at the same time. You don’t want the date to feel like a job interview, but lulls in the conversation can be unnerving. Throw in the fact that you are both likely nervous, and keeping the conversation going can be the hardest part of the date. Avoid talking about your exes. If you are asked, laugh this off and say something that turns the conversation around. Don’t talk about religion or politics, no matter how passionate you are about it.

Downplay The Negatives

So there will likely be some aspect of your life you aren’t terribly happy with. Everyone deals with this. If you feel you need to lose 10 pounds, you’re in between jobs, or you’re having issues with family, these can all be distracting. Don’t kill the mood of the date by delving in to this. You don’t know this person well enough to get this personal, and they are there to date you, not counsel you.

Be Yourself

This sounds silly, but so many people try to be someone they aren’t on a date. The problem with this, eventually the person you are dating is going to discover who you really are. If you have an overly sarcastic sense of humor, or have very strong political views, these things can be toned down without forgetting who you are.

Is Dating In A Small Town Too Close For Comfort?

Dating in a small town can present challenges not found for those living in larger areas. You can be faced with limited places to go on dates, running in to exes, and dealing with town gossip. While it’s not always easy, you don’t have to move to Australia and meet Aussie Swingers to have a successful dating life in small towns.

Avoiding The Ex

It’s uncomfortable for all parties involved if you stumble upon an ex while on a date. You are uncomfortable, your date is uncomfortable, and believe it or not, your ex will be as well. Breakups that were nasty in nature can create more tension in this situation and just be ugly. Avoid going to any restaurants or bars that your ex enjoyed. If they liked a certain band, don’t go to the show if they come through or near town. If you still run in to them, don’t pretend you didn’t see them. Instead just smile in their direction and continue on your date. If things look as though they may get awkward, just tell you date what is going on and find another place to go.

Avoiding Gossip

If you live in a small town you know how fast news can travel. You won’t be able to avoid all the gossip, but there are steps you can take to minimize it. If your nosy neighbor spots you out and about with a new beau, don’t ignore them. Instead, confront them and introduce your date. This way if they decide to start gossip later, you can hedge it before it gets out of hand. Don’t try to hide or act shady.

Cheap Dates In Colorado

Colorado is the perfect state to plan cheap, romantic dates. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and the lush scenery make it a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of money. Here are a few cheap date ideas for those who want to take advantage of the natural beauty.

Mountain Biking

It would be a shame to spend any time in Colorado without experiencing the mountains on bike. Once you start making your way in to the foothills you will find many shops that rent good quality mountain bikes. You can rent these by the day or by the hour. The total cost will typically be under $50 for a day with a small deposit. Pack a lunch in a backpack and enjoy the beauty.

National Parks

Whether you want to enjoy the fresh air or enjoy history, you can find plenty of national parks that have low admittance fees. The Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaur Colorado is the perfect place for those in to natural history. Mesa Verde National Park is great for those who are interested in the ancestral sites found throughout Colorado. You can go online to the Colorado National Park service website to find a full list.


If you have never seen the sun set behind the snow capped peaks of the Rockies, you have never experienced true beauty. Grab a bottle of wine for under $15, a few glasses, and a blanket, and just go and watch this while you hold each other. This is one of the cheapest dates you can possibly go on, and you can view this from practically anywhere in the state. You’ll understand why the patriotic song “America the Beautiful” was penned in Colorado.

Romantic Places To Take Your Date In Colorado

Being romantic in Colorado is easy thanks to the naturally beautiful environment. Whether you want to experience a beautiful mountain range, hot air balloons, or great food, you can find plenty of ideas.

Think Beaches

So Colorado is landlocked, but that doesnt’ mean you can’t find wonderful natural lakes and streams. And yes, many of these lakes will have some sandy areas, and will be the closest thing to a beach you can find. Check out some local hiking trails and look in to the National Parks Service for some suggestions.

Bed And Breakfast

Colorado is ripe with Bed and Breakfast establishments. These are tremendously popular, especially in the mountain areas and the older parts of Colorado. If you aren’t in a mountain mood, head down to Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs for some wonderful Victorian age homes that have been converted. While there, take a stroll through the shops and just enjoy the old time romantic feel.

National Parks

One of the most well known national parks in Colorado is the Garden of the Gods. But if you aren’t in that area, you can still find gorgeous backdrops that are perfect for picnics and romance. Florissant Fossil Beds National Park is popular, and the Great Sand Dunes can be a lot of fun with a little planning and creativity. For a more active date, check out the Pony Express or Old Spanish trails that run through different areas of Colorado. There are a total of 15 National Parks or National Historic sites throughout the state.

Dating in Colorado

Dating or Swinging in Colorado is easy. Even though the state isn’t one of the highest populated, many of the cities in Colorado consistently make it on the fastest growing cities list each year. Denver has increased to a respectable size, and smaller towns like Colorado Springs and Pueblo attract people who are looking for smaller town living without giving up amenities. With so many colleges that are top rated throughout the state, many industries have moved to Colorado to attract new talent. With all of this, it’s simple to find people to date in Colorado.

Singles Groups

Speed dating and singles groups are very easy to find regardless of the part of Colorado you are in. You can check out bulletin boards at local coffee houses, postings at your local church, or get the information word of mouth for where to sign up for these events.


If you don’t have the time or energy to go to groups or deal with speed dating, you can always create a profile and hit the web. You can find national sites, but this won’t give you the best results. Finding sites that are devoted to Coloradans will be the best route. You can narrow down your search results by zip code, allowing you to only view profiles of people who are close by.

Going Out

If you are active, consider joining a sports or hiking group. If you have a hobby, find an activity where you can use that hobby to meet others. People in Colorado are pretty active, and enjoy getting out in the community. This is another fantastic way to meet other singles in the area without dealing with websites.

Places To Date In Marvel

Even though Marvel, Colorado is a small town, it is full of natural beauty. It makes a perfect backdrop for a date. If you think you’ve run out of ideas for dates in Marvel, here are a few places you should check in to.

Canyon Of The Ancients

The Canyons of the Ancients, located just north of Cortez in Marvel, is a place of ancient ritual and habitation. You can find old pit style homes and pueblo style villages in the area. The Anasazi Heritage Center houses artifacts found during excavation of the area. They have interactive exhibits that allow you to explore what life was like for the tribes.

Diamond Circle Melodrama

If you’re up for a quick drive, the Diamond Circle Melodrama center can provide a great date night. You’ll find it in Durango, about 30 minutes from Marvel. They offer a variety of plays, including frontier justice style melodramas. You can find a schedule of planned performances on their website or at the Durango Chamber of Commerce.

Sky Ute Casino Resort

Much more than just a casino, the Sky Ute Casino Resort offers a full service spa, 5 different restaurants, and live entertainment. They attract large name acts as well as local groups. If you check their website for upcoming events, you can score tickets for relatively cheap. You don’t need to stay overnight to enjoy a great date here.


Marvel is full of trails for hiking and biking. You can find plenty of retailers that rent bikes by the day. The local chamber of commerce can provide you with a trail map. Pack a picnic lunch and just take your date outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty that so many take for granted living in Colorado.

Finding Singles In Marvel, Colorado

While Marvel, Colorado is a beautiful area, it’s also a small town. Small down dating provides unique challenges, and meeting singles isn’t always easy. There are plenty of way to meet others though, you just have to think outside the box.

Go Old School

Back before the days of internet cafes and dating websites, people had to rely on chance meetings to find other singles. This actually isn’t a bad way to meet others in a small town, and there are ways to help push along the chance aspect. Local supermarkets are a good place to look, since everyone needs groceries. Attending church services is also a good place to find others, and it will help you see who is single as who isn’t. Local libraries are free, and allow you to sit and read for hours without looking like a creep. Other ideas include joining a gym, attend classes at a local community center or community college, and attending local events. If you decide to join classes, try to avoid the ones that only attract men, like auto shop. Opt for classes like photography, culinary, or literature to find a good mix of men and women.

Use Technology

Chances are you not the only person in Marvel looking for someone to date. Even though it is a small town, it’s not so small that everyone knows everyone. You can have great success by creating a profile on an online dating site.

Even if you end up meeting someone in a surrounding area, the drive to meet up will be far less daunting than trying to deal with meeting someone locally if that hasn’t already worked out.